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Model line of double-circuit floorstanding gas boilers with chimney "Proskuriv" for home heating and hot water. The boiler is designed for heating of apartments, private houses, offices, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, ranging from 100 to 1000m2 (payment must be made on an individual basis taking into account the heat loss of the building). In the boiler is implemented the ability to connect the heating system to the left and to the right. This solution will allow you to install the boiler in a limited space. The combustion gases pass through the chimney; a universal connection to a heating system and hot water through flexible water hose.

Fuel: natural gas;

Rated gas pressure: 1 274 + 100 Pa;

Rated output: 30 kW +/- 0,5;

Fuel consumption: 3,22 m3/h;

The efficiency in the heating mode: 89-92%;

Chimney diameter: 120 mm;

Water temperature range in the heating system: 40-90 °C;

Flue gas temperature at the exit of the machine: at least 110 °C;

Working pressure of water (no more than) in the heating system: 150 (1,5) kPa (kg/cm2);

Water consumption for hot water supply, when drops temperature 35 ± 5 °C: 720 l/h;

Dimensions (LxWxH): 600x600x950 mm;

Weight: 110 kg;

Connecting thread fittings in inches:

  • for the supply and removal of water in the heating system: G1 1/2-B;
  • gas supply: G1 1/2-B;

Complete automation: "Honeywell" V5474G (Germany);

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  • Heating power from 10 to 30 kW
  • Version with hot water
  • Reliability and safety through the use of high-performance automation "Honeywell"
  • Easy to install and service
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Low flame burner provides combustion efficiency and compliance with health standards

Gas indication device Strazh M(i)


Gas: Methane 0.5%
Power supply: ~220 V
Without possibility to control external devices.

Gas indication device Strazh UM(i)


Gas: Methane 0.5% and
Сarbon monoxide 0,01%
Power supply: ~220 V
Without possibility to control external devices.