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Model line of gas parapet floorstanding boilers "Proskuriv" for home heating and hot water (with a closed combustion chamber). Suitable for heating apartments, private houses, offices with the area from 80 to 170 m2 (the calculation should be made on a case-by-case basis taking into account heat loss of the building). Boilers can be used in heating systems with natural circulation (where no flue is installed) Air intake and combustion pressure venting is performed by purpose built coaxial flue, installed in the outer wall of the building.

Rated power: 13 kW of +/- 5%;

Efficiency: 93%;

Water temperature range in the heating system: 40-90 °C;

Operating pressure of water in the heating system: 70 kPa;

Maximum heated area: 140 m2;

Gas maximum flow rate: 1,5 m3/h;

Water consumption for domestic hot water (supplied water upon heating to 35 °C): 300 l/hr;

Operating pressure in the hot water supply system: 600 kPa;

Dimensions (LxWxH): 574х300х710 mm;

The diameters of pipe connections:

  • Gas: 1/2";
  • Heating systems: 1/2";
  • Hot water systems: 1/2";

Weight (boiler + chimney): 70 kg;

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  • gas savings - up to 30%
  • high efficiency - up to 93%
  • highly efficient heat exchanger
  • hot water supply
  • reliability and security through the use of highly efficient "Honeywell" automation
  • natural circulation of coolant
  • closed combustion chamber
  • It does not need a power supply and a vertical chimney
  • simple of maintenance and repair
  • powder painting

Gas indication device Strazh M(i)


Gas: Methane 0.5%
Power supply: ~220 V
Without possibility to control external devices.

Gas indication device Strazh UM(i)


Gas: Methane 0.5% and
Сarbon monoxide 0,01%
Power supply: ~220 V
Without possibility to control external devices.