DIP and SMD montage


"Renome" LLC provides services for the design, fabrication and installation of printed circuit boards:

  • SMD and (DIP) installation on an automated production line of Swiss production CSM7200 in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices;
  • High-quality design and manufacture of printed circuit boards;
  • Technological preparation of mass production;
  • Production of prototypes and prototypes;
  • Selection and optimization of element analog base;
  • Lacquering and ultrasonic cleaning of printed circuit boards;
  • Assistance in the testing and certification of products;
  • Urgent production and assembly of prototypes;
  • Short-term crediting of production;
  • Design of electrical and electronic circuits;
  • Assembling, testing and adjustment of telecommunication equipment;
  • Software development;
  • Programming and testing of assembled blocks;
  • Design body and mechanical parts;
  • Design of 3D models of products;
  • 3D Printing prototypes of plastics;
  • Release of products with the customer's acceptance of the representative.
  • Final assembly and packaging products;

Тechnological capabilities of our equipment:

  • Motherboard dimensions from 50x50 mm up to 380h250 mm;
  • Maximum equipment performance up to 4000 components per hour;
  • Range of installed components:
    • Chip from 0201;
    • Minimal Spacing 0.4 mm;
    • Max height of components 40 mm;
    • Accuracy of ± 10 microns;
    • Repeat accuracy ± 28 microns;
    • PCB thickness 0.5-3.5 mm;
    • offset from the edge of the board of 2 mm.

To place an order you must provide:
Design documentation (specifications and assembly diagram) with the technical requirements of the installation;
PCB-file and file-GERBER

Our advantages:

  • Professional staff;
  • Many years of experience in the development and production;
  • High-quality products;
  • Stable production time;
  • Flexibility and mobility;
  • We use the world's best technologies;
  • Crediting of manufacture;
  • Individual approach to each project;
  • The debugged system of work with clients.

Please contact us by phone:
+38 (0382) 78-38-37, 783-783 or mobile: +38 (067) 533-80-75, +38 (067) 383-75-46
e-mail: sadova@renome.biz or renome@renome.biz