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Electric heating boilers TermIT

Модель: KET-24-3M

21.370 грн.

Heating Square: 270 m2
Rated power: 24,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-21-3M

20.950 грн.

Heating Square: 230 m2
Rated power: 21,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-18-3M

20.540 грн.

Heating Square: 200 m2
Rated power: 18,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-15-3M

20.340 грн.

Heating Square: 175 m2
Rated power: 15,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-12-3M

20.140 грн.

Heating Square: 150 m2
Rated power: 12,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-09-3M

19.940 грн.

Heating Square: 110 m2
Rated power: 9,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-06-3M

19.180 грн.

Heating Square: 80 m2
Rated power: 6,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-09-1M

13.880 грн.

Heating Square: 110 m2
Rated power: 9,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-06-1M

13.750 грн.

Heating Square: 80 m2
Rated power: 6,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-04-1M

13.220 грн.

Heating Square: 60 m2
Rated power: 4,5 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Модель: KET-03-1M

12.840 грн.

Heating Square: 40 m2

Rated power: 3 kW

Power Voltage network: ~220V

Модель: KET-12-3M

20.040 грн.

Heating Square: 150 m2
Rated power: 12,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

Unique intelligent heating system «TermIT» ®

Designed by a unique patented high-performance scheme that is radically different from other manufacturers' offerings and is a powerful heat generation system in the form of a monoblock consisting of a heat exchanger with electroTENs, a circulation chamber and an electronic control module. Our electric boilers from the manufacturer are guaranteed of high quality.

Scope of application:

Electric boilers "TermIT" are used as a heat source in systems of water individual heating:

  • Apartments;
  • Private houses;
  • Country cottages;
  • Offices;
  • Industrial premises;
  • Schools, hospitals;
  • Agricultural premises, farms, greenhouses, warehouses;
  • Service station, car wash;

In combined heating systems:

  • Coupled with solid fuel boiler;
  • Coupled with a gas boiler;
  • In solar systems;
  • In systems, floor heating;

For heating water and raw materials:

  • Household and industrial premises in the presence of a storage tank;
  • In systems of preparation of hot water on cattle-breeding farms;
  • In systems for maintaining raw material temperatures in the food industry;

Technical features and advantages:

Features of construction:

  • Patented high-efficiency heat exchanger design with double sealing;
  • Minimum overall dimensions and weight at maximum capacity;
  • Block construction, which provides maximum convenience for installation and maintenance;
  • Possibility of left and right-hand connection to heating systems;
  • Possibility to connect devices that expand the functionality and methods of boiler control;
  • Built-in circulation pump and electronic program control module with LCD display.

Features of the software module:

  • Boiler control using a computer, tablet, smartphone, remote control unit;
  • Possibility to program the operation of the boiler in the context of the periods of the day (12 time temperature zones);
  • Electronic software system for protecting the pump from "dry" running with the function of "anti-adhesion";
  • Stepwise power control 1/3 + 2/3;
  • Electronic anti-freeze program at temperatures below 5 °C.
  • Intellectually duplicated system of block-TEN protection against overheating;

Power consumption:

  • Built-in meter of used electricity;
  • Electricity consumption - 25% of the rated power;
  • The possibility of saving electricity at night rates when working in tandem with a gas, solid fuel boiler, storage tank or solar system.

Features of electric heating boilers

Electric heating boilers are one of the most affordable ways of heating a house if there is no gas main. In this situation, the decision to buy an electric heating boiler is optimal. Choosing a boiler, the potential buyer is based on many factors, including the price, economic feasibility and capacity of the boiler. Today many aspire electric heating boilers to buy and for independent heating of an apartment, after all failures in work of systems of central heating, alas, are familiar to all. It should be noted that if the unit is purchased from the manufacturer, then the electric heating price will be much lower for such a boiler than in the retail trade.

In addition, electric boilers have a number of advantages, including a low price for them. On the boiler, the electric price is much less than gas or diesel. Therefore, buy an electric boiler for any class of population.

We should not forget that an electric heating boiler is a truly environmentally friendly unit. It does not burn oxygen in the room and does not throw carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And modern design, compactness and simplicity of installation make electric boilers even more popular and in demand among the population.

Useful functions of electric boilers

Why are there so many people who are looking for in the vast spaces of the worldwide network: buy electric boilers? This is due to many reasons, including the presence of useful technical functions of the electric boilers themselves. Important positive points are:

  • Ease of Management,
  • Minimal care,
  • Noiseless operation.

Particularly important is the fact that to install an electric boiler you do not need to equip a boiler room, take out a chimney, do not need project documentation, permission to connect. Thus, on the face of a significant economy of finance. The household electric boiler today allows to maintain the set temperature at the proper level.

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