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About Company


LLC "Renome" - Ukrainian private company established in 1994. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic, electrical products, electro technology with elements of IT. The company is a manufacturer of products known in the market under the trademarks "Strazh" (gas detectors), "TermIT" (electrical heating boilers), "LEDO" (LED fixtures). The company products are successfully sold in Ukraine and abroad. The product range is constantly updated with new products.

The company "Renome" has wide dealer network. The company is a regular participant in national and international exhibitions, has several awards and certificates.

Our team - more than 30 employees - highly skilled engineers, designers, IT-specialists, managers and employees. Our company - is about 2000 sq.m. own modern production facilities, high-performance equipment for the production of electronic and electrical products.

In 2018, the company successfully passed an external certification audit "Approval of the quality management system to an international standard" and received a corresponding certificate from the State Enterprise "Ivano-Frankivsk Scientific and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification".


Presentation of "Renome"

Compliance of products by Ukrainian and European standards;
Professional team;
Quality management system ISO 9001:2015;
Use of the best world technologies;
Customer orientation;
Many years of experience and the trust of partners. The company has been since 1994.

our production

Gas detectors "Strazh"
Gas detector "STRAZH" is an electronic device from Renome’s company for automatic control, notification and protection of people from critical concentrations of combustible and/or carbon monoxide gasses in the air of domestic and commercial premises.
  • Produced since 2004
  • Compliance with Ukrainian and European standards, availability of relevant certificates
  • High reliability when detecting the danger of gas poisoning
  • The best price and the shortest delivery times
Electric heating boilers "TermIT"
"TermIT" electric heating boilers from Renome Llc are efficient, reliable, and compact heating devices of the European quality level thanks to the use of IT technologies and diverse original design features.
  • On the market since 2011
  • High reliability and economy
  • Integration with zonal electricity pricing
  • Built-in control unit with a weekly programmer
Contract manufacturing of electronics.
Renome Llc provides contract electronics manufacturing services:
  • Availability of a modern own production and technological base
  • Many years of experience, highly professional team
  • Individual approach to the customer, technical support
  • The possibility of completing the project on a turnkey basis
Light and sound alarm "Strazh"
Light and sound alarm "Strazh" are electronic devices designed for effective light and sound notification of people about an emergency gas leak far from the source of danger. Alarm "Strazh" are repeaters of the signal from the gas detector "Strazh" and are intended for switching with it.
  • Compliance with regulatory safety requirements
  • Loudness and reliability to trigger in case of danger
  • Internal and external execution
  • Integration with gas detectors “Strazh”
LED lights LEDO
Incandescent lamps were replaced by fluorescent lamps, followed by LED lights. They differ from previous generations of lamps in high quality and reliability, a long service life and the lowest energy consumption.
  • Energy efficient
  • Many years of operation
  • Reliable
  • High quality of light flux
Electromagnetic gas valves.
Electromagnetic gas valves are electromechanical devices designed for emergency automatic shutdown of combustible gas supply in the event of its emergency leakage. Intended for installation on low-pressure gas pipelines in domestic and commercial premises.
  • High reliability and quality
  • Compliance with European and Ukrainian standards
  • Made 100% in Ukraine
  • Affordable price

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