Electric heating boiler TermIT Smart KET-03-1

Electric heating boilers "TermIT" Smart

Electric boilers "TermIT" Smart from the company "Renome" - it is efficient, reliable and compact heating devices European degree of quality. Through the use of IT-technologies and a number of original design features, high quality components and materials, the trademark "TermIT" is the leader in the Ukraine market of electric heating equipment.

  • Control via Smartphone
  • Control via Web browser
  • Control via Indication module
  • Wi-Fi module (order optional)
  • Integrated electronic control unit
  • Multi-function daily and weekly programming
  • Built-in circulating pump
  • Integration with multi-tariff electricity meter
  • Integrated electronic clock
  • Multi-level complex protection
  • Universal connection to the heating system
  • Three stages of power regulation
  • Protection of the pump from sticking (summer mode)
  • "Antifreeze Mode"
  • Minimum dimensions and weight



Heating Square: 40 m2

Rated power: 3 kW

Power Voltage network: ~220V

Convenient boiler control

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Gas detectors "Strazh"

Gas detectors «STRAZH» - a line of electronic devices from the company "Renome" for automatic monitoring, warning and safety of people from critical concentrations of flammable and / or carbon monoxide gases in indoor air for domestic and commercial purposes.
  • Best price
  • Compliance with European standards EN 50194
  • Compliance with the GOS Ukraine
  • High reliability
  • Have all the certificates and permits
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Located in the register of instruments measuring equipment
  • The presence of the stigma of state verification officer
  • 3 year warranty
LED lamp industrial LEDO L 40 IP-42

LED lighting "LEDO"

Lighting - an integral part of the modern world. We use electric lights on a daily basis without even thinking about it. But scientific progress does not stand still and gradually replace incandescent lamps come fluorescent lamps, and behind them - recently very rapidly - and LED LED-lamps. They are different from previous generations of lamps high quality and reliability, long life and minimum power consumption.

  • Economy
  • Effective
  • Ecological - does not contain harmful substances
  • Selecting a color temperature optional
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The long period of operation
  • Warranty - 3 years



Power - 40W
Voltage - 150 - 270
Luminous flux - 3900 lm
Color temperature - 4000 K

Dimension, mm - L1000 x H76 x W55

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Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing

"Renome" Ltd. provides electronics contract manufacturing services:

  • Development and design of printed circuit boards;
  • SMD and pin (DIP) installation of radio elements on the automated equipment in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices;
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner, varnished printed circuit boards;
  • Optical inspection and testing of mounted boards;
  • Selection and optimization of analog element base;
  • Production of prototypes;
  • Technological preparation of mass production;
  • Programming and testing of assembled blocks;
  • Assembling, testing and adjustment of radioelectronic equipment;
  • Final assembly and packaging products;
  • Help with the organization of the tests and certification of products;
  • Design and manufacture of enclosures made of polymeric materials by 3-D printing.

Renome LLC

Production of electronic products and electrical equipment

LLC "Renome" was founded in 1994. and is currently successfully operating on the Ukrainian market in the development and manufacture of electronic products and electrical equipment, Electro-heating technology, has a number of awards and certificates.

The company has its own modern premises with office and industrial zones with modern equipment. The company has over 30 employees. The products are well sold both in Ukraine and abroad.