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Electric heating boiler TermIT Standard KET-24-3M

Product Code: KET-24-3M

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Heating Square: 270 m2
Rated power: 24,0 kW
Power Voltage network: 

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The unique intelligent heating system "TermIT»®.

The design of the boiler is protected by patent and radically different proposals from other manufacturers. Electric heaters TermIT represent a powerful heat generation. Designed in a monoblock that consists of:

  • tubular electric heating element and integrated with it through the transition chamber pump;
  • multifunctional electronic control unit, providing program management and multi-boiler protection of regular and emergency situations.

  • On the market since 2011
  • High reliability and economy
  • Integration with zonal electricity pricing
  • Built-in control unit with a weekly programmer
Mains voltage 380 VAC;
Network Frequency - 50 Hz;
Rated power - 24.0 kW;
Power on the steps, kW - 9.0 - 15.0 - 24.0;
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm - 620x226x135;
Weight (net) - 17.6 kg;
The diameter of the pipes for connection to a heating-we - 1 ";
Wheelbase input-output of the heating system - 260 mm.
Built-in software boiler control unit (weekly programming) to the setting up of 12 time zones per day;
Built-in circulating pump;
Pump protection against welding (summer mode);
"Antifreeze" mode;
Protection system block heaters from overheating;
The customer can choose the left- or right-hand connection of the boiler to the heating system when ordering;
Output for boiler control using a room thermostat.

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