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Gas detector “Srazh” S50BK is intended for automatic control of gas concentration (hereinafter methane) and carbon monoxide in the air explosion-proof areas of domestic, municipal, industrial buildings and boiler rooms.
Gas detector passed state tests for compliance with Ukrainian national standardization system EN 50194.
Devices are produced in shockproof plastic casings, it is fixed version with built in light and sound display.


-operation threshold for methane (СН4) – 0,5 % (10 % LEL (lower explosive limit) concentration);

-operation threshold for carbon monoxide (СО) – 0,005 % (50 ppm);

-threshold for temperature exceeding + 55  C°;

-alarm sound level at a distance of 1 m - no less than 85 dB;

-warm-up period no more than 30 min;

-operating time for methane during warm-up period - no more than 300 sec.

Actuation time of alarm system:

-methane - no more than 30 sec;

-Carbon Monoxide - no more than 60 sec.

Without possibility to control external devices.

Line supply by alternating current  110 V - 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz.

Protection class against ingress into the casing of solids and liquids matter  - IP22D.

Protection class for Electrical degree – II.

Dimensions – 120x85x55 mm, no more.

Weight - 250 g, no more.

Calibration interval 1 year.

Mean lifetime no less than 10 years.

Terms of Use:

Operating Temperature Range -10 to + 40  C°.

Control of the temperature rises to + 60  C°.

Relative air humidity to 90%.

Atmosphere pressure from 84.0 to 107.0 kPa.

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