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What is the difference between indicators and signaling devices?
  Indicators Signaling devices
The presence of the hallmark of the state adviser - +
Metrological device -
Self Test Functions
Compliance to the EN 50194 standard - +
The presence of the button "Test" - +
Beep level 60-75 dB 85-95 dB
Degree of protection IP20 IP22D
Warranty period 1 year 2 years
Whether the gas detector can work constantly only from emergency power 12-24В?

Maybe in case this model of the detector supports power supply 12-24В

What is the button "Test"?

The "Test" button is designed to simulate the alarm mode of the gas detector, which allows check the volume of the sound signal, the indication of the gas alarm LEDs and external devices connected to it

Is it possible to check the gas detector with a gas lighter or a gas cartridge for their refueling?

It is strictly forbidden! Since gas detectors can be checked only by those gas mixtures, to control the concentrations of which they are intended

Why is the smell of gas in the air already felt, and the gas alarm does not work?

First, the device measures the level of gas in the air at intervals of 30 seconds, therefore the duration of the gas effect on the device should not be less than this time;

Secondly, the gas detector is set to a specific concentration and a given gas concentration is possible. in the air did not reach this level.